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Welcome to the Wiki Map Project!
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Author:  Medakan [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Welcome to the Wiki Map Project!

Greetings Contributors and Explorers!

I am happy to introduce the zMUD version of the WoTwiki map. With 200+ individual maps broken down into zones determined by the where command. Each zone has been matched with a corresponding zone page on the wiki. These zone pages are the backbone of the information architecture that Thuvia (Russ3z) and other contributors have built up over the years. This structure allows easy categorization of localized items, mobs, and geographical entities. Fueled by DPL (dynamic page list) these zone pages categorize and link information across the wiki. Need to know where an oilstone loads? By adding an oilstone to a zone page you are creating a link that will automatically display the information of where it loads on the oilstone page. By creating this map and taking hundreds of screen shots of zones, saving those screen shots to their respective zone page we create two visual tools that can be easily used together by contributors to make accurate additions to the wiki.

As a long time spammer of the where command I had always wanted a world map of WoTMUD broken down into zones. I originally started out with this map off of the old WoTMAD forums (v1.1 iirc) and slowly over the years I began making changes. When I started working on the wiki with Russ3Z back in March of 2016 he began to show me the information structure of the wiki and how it all works together and the direction he was taking it in. After working more together we both became excited with the prospect of a corresponding map. Over the last year we took Sayuja's zone list, announcement posts, zone names from the WoTMUD Twitter feed, and poured over thousands of room names and descriptions to build up the most accurate and comprehensive account of the games zone structure that has been done to date. We know some of the zone names are not correct, we even changed a few that we were pretty sure about just to make zone page naming conventions easier, and without immortal assistance it will never be completely accurate. I would like to thank all of the players over the years that took time out of their gaming to stop and stand in a zone so I could map the zone lines, thank you all. And a special thanks to Thuvia, who has always been helpful and encouraging with everything. Thanks Russ!

This project has truly just started. With hundreds of zones, thousands of item locations, and many, many mobs to be added to the wiki we hope these tools will help.
The goal of the wiki is not only to provide easily accessible knowledge to the player base and immortals, but to also keep a historical archive of the game.

Play, contribute, have fun!

Archives Team

Link to the Wiki zone pages

Current version located here

Author:  Medakan [ Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the Wiki Map Project!

New Feature as of version 1.1

#ALIAS wikiMap {#URL %concat( "http://wotmud.wikia.com/wiki/", %zonename( ))}

Using the above alias will open a web browser directly to the WoTwiki zone page that your WoTwiki map is currently open to.

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