Barehanded Damage vs Player Level

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Barehanded Damage vs Player Level

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Continuing the Damage testing being conducted so well by Hress, I'd like to add a small study of the damage done without weapons.

Using a variety of characters, a simple trend is observed, as shown below.

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Level   Damage
 1-9     2d1
10-14    2d2
15-19    2d3
20-24    2d4
25-29    2d5
30+      2d6
These values are not affected by Class, nor does Ride alter the damage. The Strength bonus, however, still applies as normal. In addition, Hunters get their customary 50% bonus vs Tree-type mobs.

As an example, using, the output of a Level 23, 17-Str Hunter vs Trees would be:

3*(2d4 + [above 2d7-8])/2
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