Returning To The Game

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Returning To The Game

Post by mattrious »


I'm returning to the game after an extensive break. I am looking for a Rogue, MC, or FC that has decent stats. While I currently do not have anything in-game that I can trade, I can offer a monetary compensation in the form of USD (PayPal) or Bitcoin.

Send me a PM here if you're interested. Thanks.
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Re: Returning To The Game

Post by Taziar »

Can't buy/sell anything game related... against the rules.

Statting is easier now a days. Level 3 gives stats and can type restat to start over at lvl 1 without having to wait for name to delete or log new character. Try Two Rivers for a rogue, somewhat fast and can get great character. FC I like Two Rivers also, 17 xx xx 15 16 max physicals not to hard to get and great combo FC.

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